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Welcome to Zeitgeist Day 2012 in Toronto

Z-Day 2012 is on the way. March 10th 2012, will mark our fourth global Zeitgeist Day event.

Join the globe and explore the system, the condition, the culture, and the failure; while discovering solutions to the problems.

About Zeitgeist Day Toronto

Zeitgeist Day (Z-Day) is a world-wide event staged every year by over 1000 chapters of the Zeitgeist Movement. Community volunteers in over 60 countries use their shared resources to create an event celebrating and exploring the sustainable, technical solutions to modern social problems including poverty, war, waste, crime, and the corruption in politics and business.

The Zeitgeist Movements seeks to identify and alter the conditions on Earth that inevitably lead to the modern crises of civilization. It identifies our monetary economies as inherently skewed in the favour of those in positions of economic power, and the many ways in which a system built upon competition for profit, insulation from damage, nationalism, and corporate brand saturation of our every day live results in what we see before our very eyes, by design.

Exemplary of the changes proposed by the Zeitgeist Movement is the idea of a resource-based economy as designed by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project (www.thevenusproject.com). A holistic, automated design for global resource management according to the principles of equality of access, sustainability, resource efficiency, and theoretically without the need for the parameters of law, government, access-restriction, or national borders.

Each Z-Day is unique, subject to the resources and passion of each chapter. This year, the world-wide main event is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Toronto's event promises to be eye-opening.